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Let's Do Something Incredible

I strongly believe in what I teach: that each day is a unique opportunity to serve the people, place and time we have been called to. Whether for clients or for students, I LOVE being able to communicate hope and enthusiasm. Whether that message is for your curriculum or in my classroom!

If you're excited about design and storytelling I'd love to talk with you about your project!

Let's Work Together!

I work for large and small clients and am always on the lookout for great projects. Whether you need help with environment design, character design, curriculum elements, website graphics, advertising & promotion, lettering, book or magazine illustrations, or gaming and interactive media illustration I would love to talk with you more about your project.

I have an MFA in illustration and teach illustration techniques and theory at the college level. I'm passionate about story and love helping find better ways to communicate to audiences of all ages!

Other Inquiries

Students, aspiring illustrators, fans, media, etc.: feel free to use this form to contact me, too! I always try to respond, just give me time.