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A great craft for kids this Christmas season! (Or to blow some time at work!)

Print them off for an activity for your Sunday School class, use them as stocking-stuffers, use them as an Advent season visual-aid for a sermon, or print them 5 feet tall and display them in your yard! Really, I just want people to use them and enjoy the Christmas season in a new way this year.


All you need are:

A printer and paper (I recommend cardstock but paper will work, too)

A craft-knife (or scissors for smaller younger kids. Just use tape on the stable instead of all the cuts)

A glue stick or double-sided tape

About 30-45 minutes


I'd love to see what everyone does with theirs!  Post a picture of the completed set to Instagram and tag me @swartzagram and #papernativity. On Facebook use the tag #papernativity.

And share the link to this page, too! Let's spread the reason for the season all over the world!


Merry Christmas, everyone!